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There are no "typical" abusers


On the surface, they appear to be good providers, loving partners, and law-abiding citizens. However, their abusive behavior toward their victims can lead to severe injury and even murder. Although both men and women can be abusers, approximatley 97% are men.


Abuse is often a learned behavior. The tendency to use abuse as a control tactic is sometimes aggravated by the use of drugs and alcohol. Drug and alcohol problems can be overcome with proper treatment and counseling. The use of drugs and alcohol may contibute to abusive behavior; however, it is not the cause.


The person who uses any form of violence to control or manipulate a partner may refuse to accept responsibility for the violence and may belive that the violence is justified. Often the abuser will attempt to rationalize or excuse the behavior or blame the victim for causing it. There is no excuse for this violence behavior. Violence is against the law.


What we know...


The longer abuse is allowed or tolerated, the more frequent it becomes, and usually becomes more violent.


People living in a violence home become desensitized to it. Children grow up thinking that abusive behavior is not a big deal. Many times children from a violent home will become abusive themselves.


Normally the abuse/violence does not stop on its own.


The sooner abuse is reported and addressed with proper counseling, or law enforcement intervention, the better!


People can change if they want to!





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