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Support - Here When You Need Us!


Eva's Place is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here when you need us! You are welcome to call us day or night, you can call anonymously and all calls are confidential! (Toll Free 866-336-7283)

                                                                  (Text 810-404-7761)

Support for the tough decisions


The staff of Eva's Place is here to support you in the tough decisions that you need to make for yourself and your family. We understand the fear of the unknown, and are happy to share with you options, choices and solutions to better your situation.


We may not always agree with your choices, but they are YOUR CHOICES to make, and we will support you and help you deveolp the necessary steps to achieve your goal. We will also support you with developing a backup plan in case you need it


Everyone's story is as unique as the individual, so we will provide confidential and individualized support that works best for you. Call or text Eva's Place for more information. 

Group Support


Eva's Place also offers free Support Groups. Two support groups are available weekly at Eva's Place. One group is specific for clients that are currently in the shelter. A second separate Support Group is available for the ladies that are not shelter clients, but are seeking the information, support and therapy of a group discussion facilitated by our shelter counselor. A Children's Support Group is also offered at Eva's Place for all children that are currently residing in the shelter. The shelter advocate also has access to information and materials that can be mailed to you if you wish.


At Eva's Place, if you become a shelter client, we will continue to offer you support up to one year after your visit, we are here when you need us!

For additional resources about things you can do if you are experiencing abuse such as:
- How to get a personal protection order (PPO)

- Crime Victim Rights

- Warning Signs of Abuse

- Numbers to Call

Contact us and we will send you our Domestic Violence Handbook. -All calls are confidential-

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copy of the
Sanilac County Resource Guide
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