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Eva's Place is Sanilac County's only emergency residential shelter program. Eva's Place provides a safe supportive environment for victims and their children fleeing domestic violence, sexual assault or homelessness. The Eva's Place shelter is a 16 bed facility that is handicapped accessible. Clients of Eva's Place are responsible to care for their own children, prepare their own meals, and abide by the safety rules of the shelter. Shelter residents are required to participate in house meetings, weekly support groups, and work towards achieving their case plan steps. Clients of Eva's Place are allowed a 2 week stay, providing they adhere to the shelter policies and take action steps to achieve their case plan. When necessary, clients can be given stay extension, however these extensions are given on a case by case basis and depend on the clients efforts on achieving their action plans.

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Upon client's arrival, an intake procedure collects information about the client's special needs and helps to develop an action plan. The case plan or action plan will help to identify specific goals that the client is hoping to achieve. As an example, does she need a job, does she need housing, does she need support services, or does she need help with transportation? The action plan will provide details on local agencies that provide assistance or services. The clinets will then be required to take the necessary steps to make contact with the agencies, complete necessary applications and fulfill the requirements to achieve her action plan. Each client will have a unique case plan that will identify their specific goals and step necessary to successfully achieve their outcome goals or action plan.



At Eva's Place the staff helps to identify options, offers hope of a safe secure life, and provides opportunities to facilitate change. Eva's Place offers support services; education, counseling and advocacy for clients to assist them in becoming independent and self-sufficient. At Eva's Place our motto is to offer a hand up, not a hand out.


As clients become independent, build their self-confidence, and relize they are the force that created the change for the better, they realize they are empowered and successful!

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