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Picture No Violence


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

What can you do to help raise Domestic Violence Awareness in Sanilac County? Join Evas Place as they host the “Picture No Violence” social media challenge.


Throughout the month of October, we are asking the residents of Sanilac County to form teams of any size and embark on a photo scavenger hunt through the county and to post their findings on our social media page.


Each team that completes the Picture No Violence challenge will be entered in a drawing to win a $100 cash prize!


The contest will run from October 15-30th.

#PictureNoViolence Contest Outline

1. Register Team on


2. Capture the following letters on from any public place. Example: billboards, business signs, menus.

          C = 1              S = 1
          L = 1              E = 2
          A = 2              V = 1

          P = 1

And post the pictures on the EVAS Place Facebook Profile with the hashtags: #picturenoviolence #evasplace #(Your Team Name)


2. Once you've collected and posted all of the letters, unscramble the secret message and post a group photo revealing what you've found!


You will then be entered into the $100 cash prize drawing!


If you want to heighten your chances of winning the $100 cash prize you can continue your scavenger hunt!


One (1) extra drawing ticket will be entered for every Picture No Violence "fact sign" that you find throughout the county.


The signs are hidden at local businesses. Simply snap a picture and post on the EVAS Place Facebook

all photos must be posted with #picturenoviolence #evasplace & #(your team name) exp: #teamgoodoldgirls

Let's have fun and bring awareness!

#PictureNoViolence #EVASplace 

#PictureNoViolence - Contest Rules

1. All teams must register and complete the scavenger hunt to be entered into the $100 cash prize drawing.


2. All photo submissions must be posted on the EVAS Place Facebook profile:


3. All photos must be posted with #picturenoviolence #evasplace & #(your team name) exp: #teamgoodoldgirls


4. The purpose of this contest is to raise awareness about Domestic Violence. Please remember to represent our community and the community we are bringing awareness to well. EVAS Place reserves the right to delete or report any posting at any time without the prior consent of the content provider. 


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